First Sunday Meals

In regard to our 1st Sunday meal, we are using a potluck planning website to help us better plan and manage our fellowship lunch. We can plan our meals around themes, making sure we have enough of all that is necessary to pull together a well-planned get-together. This will also go out weeks in advance to […]

Hosting His Presence

Sarah Brayan, founder of Doors to Destiny, will be facilitating the “Hosting His Presence” Healing Services, continuing the last Friday of every month. There will be a live worship band; prophetic art’ and personal prophetic/healing ministry. Sarah’s vision in partnership with New Gate Church is to give the Lord time and place dedicated to healing, […]

Pray and Vote

“Voting” is to “prayer” as “works” is to “faith.” We are to demonstrate our faith by our works or corresponding actions. You can do more than prayer after you’ve prayed. But you cannot do more than pray until you’ve prayed. We do not choose between the two as though they are conflicting purposes. No! We […]

Peachtree City Home Group

A home group meets at the home of Tommy and Suzanne Parrish every other Friday evening at 6:30 for supper followed by sharing of testimonies, teaching, and prayer ministry.  You are welcome to enjoy our communion in the Spirit with us! Note: There will be only one meeting for March. Meet at the home of Tommy […]