Seeing Through God’s Eyes

Thomas R. Rowe, Jr.


But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them” (Matthew 9:36.)

One of the most difficult lessons for Christians seems to be learning to love and forgive those who have offended and wounded us. We have all experienced the hurt and disappointment betrayal brings, especially when it comes from a trusted friend or family member. We never come to love them purely and forgive them until we receive from God, through the in-working of His Holy Spirit, the ability to see them through God’s eyes.

Jesus demonstrated love that had overcome bitterness and resentment by seeing those who had falsely accused Him, betrayed and crucified Him, through God’s eyes. He did not view then through selfish, self-centered sensitivity, but looked upon them with compassion. He saw their misguided loyalty, misdirected passion, perversions, immature spiritual insight, and disappointments. He understood their longings and frustrations that caused them to have hatred and vengeance. Seeing their condition He had profound sorrow for them and with that insight came compassionate desire to help them.

Look around. Everyday we encounter those with vindictive attitudes or an unloving spirit. It is difficult to be around them and the tendency is to avoid them. But by seeing them through God’s eyes, we are lifted “out of ourselves” and gain insight into the depth of their hurt, which will give us pity for their plight, and motivate us to pray for them and in turn reach out to them. When we learn to measure our forgiveness by the generosity of God’s forgiveness towards us, then we can respond to others with the same compassion Jesus displayed when He saw them through God’s eyes.